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Helping people protect the things that mean most to them.

Assure Point uses insurance expertise and lean, customer-centric processes to investigate, design, and launch next generation insurance products with first class customer experiences.

Assure Point
Core Values

First-Class Customer Experiences

Delightful customer experiences are our main goal with every product and we have the necessary commitment to customer-centric product design to achieve our goals.

Data-Driven Research & Development

We follow a rigorous research and development process that puts our customers at the center throughout our product life-cycles to deliver impactful solutions.

Insurance & Technology Expertise

With prior large successes in the insurance industry and proficiency in the latest cloud technologies, we have the expertise required to succeed in InsurTech.

Transparency & Accountability

Our processes and technologies are constantly reviewed and scrutinized to ensure the dependable accountability customers demand from trusted insurance providers.

Our Ventures

Launched and TBA InsurTech Ventures

Covered Condos


Pet Insurance

TBA Niche
Pet Insurance

Disaster Insurance

TBA Parametric Blockchain Disaster Insurance

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